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I've received my first Reiki Attunement. Now what?
The Attunement ritual is what sets Reiki apart from other types of Energy Work. As was passed down from the first Reiki Master, Beloved Usui Sensei, your teacher opened your auric field and placed within it 5 sacred symbols, revealed to Dr. Usui during his Zazen meditation on Mount Kurama in Japan in 1922. These symbols vibrate at a very high level and began to raise the frequency of your internal Ki flow to allow you to interact with Source Ki in a physically compatible way. You are now a conduit for Source Ki, and there are subtle changes that will occur in your body, mind, and spirit to bring you into harmony with Reiki.

Because your physical form needs to change its frequency to accommodate the higher vibrations of Reiki, you may experience aches & pains, odd symptoms, intense emotions, weird dreams, and flashes of visions/interactions with the Higher Vibrational Beings who are assisting you in bringing Reiki into the world. The extent of the "symptoms" are in direct proportion to blockages you have been carrying around for many years that need to be released.  Many of our blockages have to do with our limiting beliefs of who we are, who God is, and the nature of reality. Remember that YOU are an eternal Being, exploring yourself via a human experience, and in the fullness of who you are, you are Divine Love finding expression. You found Reiki because you ARE remembering, and are eager to move past some of those limits to bring healing to the World. Remember also that Reiki is intelligent. It comes from Love, knows what YOU need in body, mind, and spirit, and will teach you everything you need to know.

If you don't notice any changes, that's ok, too. Often the Reiki works by leading you to new people, information, and experiences that are changing your vibration in more subtle ways. Sometimes, the most profound changes are shown to us in hindsight.

Give yourself a Self-Treatment every day for the next 21 days. A self-treatment should be pleasant and a time for you to connect to Source (Rei) Ki. Try to spend at least 21 minutes (3 minutes per Chakra) sitting in the Reiki Energy, but if you have a hard time focusing, don’t force it. You are connected to Reiki whether you acknowledge It or not! The self-treatment is merely a way for you to experience/feel HOW THE REIKI FLOWS THROUGH YOU. Find a quiet place, light a candle, play soft music, hold a stone or crystal if you so desire, and do the following:

1. Place hands in “Gasho” position (finger tips together in front of heart or Third Eye)

2. Say to yourself or out loud, “It is my intention to receive this Reiki Energy for my well-being and Highest Good”

3. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and breathe easily. Feel or imagine the energy moving between your palms as you take some deep, slow breaths. Imagine each inhale as pulling Light in through the top of your head, and let it "float" down to your heart, and each exhale as sending that light from your heart, down your arms, and into the palms of your hands.

4. Place your hands lightly on a Chakra and FEEL the life force in that area for 3 minutes, "breathing" through your palms.

5. Move to the next Chakra, and repeat steps 1-4, until all 7 Chakras have been treated.

6. End by saying “I am grateful to the Reiki Energy and All That Is for this healing”
     (Note: add gratitude to any Higher Being or Beings you wish. Reiki works through any Being in service to Love (God, Guides, Angels, Higher Dimensional Beings, Ascended Masters (Dr. Usui!), etc, etc, etc and by expressing gratitude, you may feel Their gratitude to YOU in response)

The purpose of the 21 day self-treatment is to allow you to recognize how Reiki flows through you. You may feel warmth, tingling, pressure—see colors, images, auras—hear buzzing, songs, words...or you may not experience anything. Sometimes, things you have always felt are indicators of higher vibration. The Reiki will aid you in your understanding.

Be kind and patient with yourself for the next few weeks! The Reiki will be cleansing and raising your vibration, and as the unique Being you are, how it does so will be tailored to YOU. If you are achy, emotional, fatigued, energized, sad, euphoric, sensitive, etc., IT IS THE REIKI magnifying your energy! It knows where your blocks to well-being are, and it will exaggerate any thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with Who You Really Are (which is Love, looking for a way to express Itself).

Should any discomfort arise, detach and observe it! Observe, too, your own thoughts and feelings as “isn’t that interesting? I didn’t know that was there!” and let go of anything that pops up. Drink plenty of fresh water. Get rest. Spend time doing things you enjoy. THE REIKI WILL ALWAYS BE FLOWING THROUGH YOU,

This is just the beginning of your journey.


How long should I wait until my next Attunement?
There are 3 Levels (or Degrees) of Reiki training. It is customary to wait 21 days at minimum before you move to the next level. There are wonderful teachers who offer both Level I and II in one weekend, but I've found experience is the best teacher, and there is no rush to "progress" in Reiki! My own experience with the Reiki Attunements has been profound and life-altering, so I encourage my students to TAKE TIME, sometimes months, between levels to allow the Reiki to integrate into your body and life. There are very real, quantum changes that happen when you work with the Reiki Energy, and it is wise to take your time. Think of yourself as a marathoner, training to run in a much higher altitude. Your body needs to learn how to respond in this different atmosphere! Acclimate to where you are. Spend time familiarizing yourself with how Reiki indicates its presence to and through YOU. It can only do this through time, experience, and exploration. Attend Reiki Shares or Reiki Skills classes, and practice Reiki on yourself, your family, your pets, and your environment. 

If you've done the 21 days of self-treatment and feel excited to move to Level II, contact me and I will schedule your next class. If you have been experiencing strong emotional highs and lows, odd physical symptoms, tremors (like you've had too much caffeine), new psychic phenomenon (such as out-of-body dreams, hearing voices, blowing out light bulbs or batteries, subtle pressure in you head and ears, seeing "shadows" buzz by in your peripheral vision, or intense heat along your spine) STAY AT THE LEVEL YOU ARE IN for awhile longer. All of those experiences are indicators that the Reiki is still removing blockages and expanding your consciousness, so give it time to balance you.

If you are at Level II and wish to move to Level III, the above info also applies. Wait at least 21 days. I personally spent about 5 years at Level II, and there are many who stay at II permanently. I find that those who feel called to Level III often become Reiki Teachers, or find themselves opening a Reiki practice and feel ready to receive the final Master Attunement. Again, contact me and I will schedule your next Attunement.

Does Reiki heal immediately?

Most of us think of "healing" as repairing the body from injury or illness, but Reiki recognizes that true healing takes place on an emotional/spiritual level. As we are comprised of mind, body, AND spirit, the Reiki energy moves through all of these levels, reconnecting our internal (physical) "Ki" with its Source "Rei" (spiritual) Ki. Reiki is intelligent. It does not come from us. When you are attuned to it, you agree to act as a conduit, allowing the Reiki to become directed into the physical plane. Once it begins to flow, it seeks imbalances in whomever you are sending it to. Our most powerful and influential imbalances lie within our Emotional/Mental body, for it is at this level that we are creating our physical experience. For this reason, Reiki can be an emotional experience for some. In my 15 years of doing hundreds of sessions, 90% of first-time clients tear up as soon as the Reiki begins to flow. A deep part of us recognizes that we are drinking in an ancient, abundant, and sacred energy that comes from our Eternal source. It feels familiar, and comforting, and many people find themselves with tears gently falling. Allow them (and yourself!) the stillness to feel what they are feeling without judgment or interference. (Oddly, it's often a very unemotional cry, and manifests more as "watery eyes", or I should say "watery eye" because typically only ONE eye (usually the left) tears up. I don't have an explanation for it. Reiki continues to mystify and amaze me!)

Think of Reiki as what water and sunlight are for a plant. Whomever you send it to (including yourself) receives healing on a cellular/quantum level, and much like new growth on a plant, most of the change is “under the soil”. Reiki is not a pill, it is not a band-aid, it is not a quick fix. What Reiki is doing on the physical level is providing nutrients (LIGHT!) to the newly born cells, giving them support to divide and multiply as healthy and whole. Change takes time, and most of it is very subtle. You can’t work out for one day and expect to be fit. You can’t diet for one meal and expect to lose weight. And you can’t send Reiki and expect immediate results.

On the emotional level, the Reiki is gently calling forth memories that are attached to (and actually CAUSED) the imbalance. It's not important for us to know what the client is thinking or remembering, but it can be wonderfully healing to allow someone to talk during this phase of their session. Often, voicing the memory (even if it seems trite) will change the energy under your hands. Keep your hands gently in place if any emotions or chatter pop up. 

What Reiki is doing on the Spiritual/Quantum level is raising the vibration of all your cells, atoms, molecules, and photons (LIGHT!) which moves you into alignment with a higher vibrational REALITY, much like moving up a level in a video game. In that higher vibrational reality, you are meeting a better version of yourself and ALL THAT IS.  I’ll talk about that another time.

Remember: our bodies are shedding and creating 400,000,000,000 new cells every day, and each one is “listening” to our consciousness for direction. Reiki is a shout-out to our cells to stop listening to the old messages (I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m helpless, I need someone outside of myself to FIX ME), and hear the call of SOURCE (Rei) which says, “You are in command of EVERY CELL. Take this living water (Ki) and drink from it. It is here for you in abundance. You are a new creation every day!”