Friday, Nov 1, 2019 .  3-6pm
Stillpoint Massage & Reiki

In Reiki Level II, or Second Degree, you are again attuned and taught the three Sacred Healing Symbols revealed to Dr. Usui during his meditation on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan (around 1914). You will learn how to conduct a professional Reiki treatment and be given instruction on how to connect to your Intuitive Reiki Guides. I will help you discover your own unique "sense" of the Reiki energy as it flows in yourself and in others. It has been my experience (as well as the experience of many of my students) that the Reiki II Attunement can be quite powerful as our aura/mind/body becomes greatly accelerated in vibration. For this reason, I suggest at least 3 months between the Reiki I and Reiki II attunements. This class typically takes 3 to 4 hours.
**PLEASE RSVP TO JILL AT 972-358-4068 by Wed, Oct 30th**


Fri., Nov 01, 2019  11am-2pm
Stillpoint Massage & Reiki

Third Degree or Master Level Reiki adds one final attunement to your Reiki energy. This highest level brings in the Master Healing Symbol, which works in the Spiritual/Soul Body allowing a deepening of your connection to Divine Source. We will continue to work with you to develop your intuitive ability and treatment style, learn techniques to ground and nurture your own etheric field, study the Master Healing Symbol, and practice methods to connect to the Ascended Masters that work within the Reiki field. 

(Reiki Second Degree is a prerequisite, through me or any other master)
**Please RSVP to Jill at 972-358-4068 or jkline62@aol.com  by Oct 30th ***

Sunday, Nov 3, 2019
Stillpoint Massage & Reiki

If you practice Reiki, or are just interested in experiencing the life-force Energy that flows through you, this is an opportunity to learn, practice, share, and receive energy healing. We will put our hands on each and every person who attends! You are welcome to leave after you've received, if you are unable to attend the entire time (just let me know when you get there that you have to leave early)