Thursday Guided Meditation
November 15, 2018  7-9pm

Stillpoint Massage & Reiki
"Finding well-being by mastering your energy" Ease is just a breath away! $10

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018

Stillpoint Massage & Reiki
In this beginning class, you are initiated into the Reiki energy by means of an "attunement", a process handed down from Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) that aligns your Chakras, allowing your body to tune into the direct Source of Reiki. You will learn about the history of Reiki, what to expect following your attunement, self-treatment methods, how to connect to the Reiki energy, and the movement of Reiki through the physical, etheric, and spiritual energy fields that surround you. The class takes about 3 hours, and it is best to avoid drinking any caffeine or eating a heavy meal beforehand. **RSVP by Fri, Nov 16th to Jill at 972-358-4068 (call or txt), or by email to jkline62@aol.com**


Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018

Stillpoint Massage & Reiki

In Reiki Level II, or Second Degree, you are again attuned and taught the three Sacred Healing Symbols revealed to Dr. Usui during his meditation on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan (around 1914). You will learn how to conduct a professional Reiki treatment and be given instruction on how to connect to your Intuitive Reiki Guides. I will help you discover your own unique "sense" of the Reiki energy as it flows in yourself and in others. It has been my experience (as well as the experience of many of my students) that the Reiki II Attunement can be quite powerful as our aura/mind/body becomes greatly accelerated in vibration. For this reason, I suggest at least 3 months between the Reiki I and Reiki II attunements. This class typically takes 3 to 4 hours.  **RSVP by Thur., Nov. 29th to Jill at  972-358-4068 (call or txt), or by email to jkline62@aol.com**
***Must have completed Reiki First Degree to attend this class***


Crystal and Stones Class with Leigh
Sunday, Dec. 2
Stillpoint Massage & Reiki

(Info to come)