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Thur., Nov 17
FREE via Zoom

Dial in and join this group chat to talk about Reiki! Ask questions, share experiences, and send remote healing as a group to anyone that's on your heart. 

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Come practice your Reiki and receive healing from a group! You don't need to know Reiki to take part: if you are interested in exploring and experiencing Energy Work, join us. We'll incorporate sound vibrations into this share, so bring your tuning forks, small bowls, drums, or chimes if you have them! 

(Love Offering always appreciated. I'll have a donation box at the event you can drop a few $ in if you feel led to do so)

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In this beginning class, you are initiated into the Reiki energy by means of an "attunement", a process handed down from Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) that aligns your Chakras, allowing your body to tune into the direct Source of Reiki. You will learn about the history of Reiki, what to expect following your attunement, self-treatment methods, how to connect to the Reiki energy, and the movement of Reiki through the physical, etheric, and spiritual energy fields that surround you. The class takes about 4 hours, and it is best to avoid drinking any caffeine or eating a heavy meal beforehand. 


Reiki Second Degree
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In Reiki Level II, or Second Degree, you are again attuned and taught the three Sacred Healing Symbols revealed to Dr. Usui during his meditation on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan (around 1914). You will learn how to conduct a professional Reiki treatment and be given instruction on how to connect to your Intuitive Reiki Guides. I will help you discover your own unique "sense" of the Reiki energy as it flows in yourself and in others. It has been my experience (as well as the experience of many of my students) that the Reiki II Attunement can be quite powerful as our aura/mind/body becomes greatly accelerated in vibration.


Reiki Third Degree (Master Healer)
Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022
(RSVP by Nov 30, 2022 at 972-358-4068)

In this Master class, we will review your experiences with Reiki and the second degree symbols, learn the Master symbol(s), and practice using Reiki in the Etheric layer of the Aura. You will receive your Third Degree attunement, which puts you into alignment with your Higher Mind so that you begin to step more fully on your spiritual path as a conduit to bring healing into the earth.

(You must have already received your First and Second Degree training and attunements, by me or any other Reiki Master)


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or email: jkGnosis@gmail.com

The teacher class is your opportunity to learn how to perform the sacred Reiki Attunement, handed down by Dr. Usui from Master to Master. We will also discuss creating your own syllabus, teaching style, and classroom materials. Reiki calls people to It, and if you feel led to become a Reiki Teacher, this class is for you. (You must complete all 3 levels of your Reiki training before you can attend, either through me or any other Master)


Call/text to schedule 972-358-4068

If you've already taken a First, Second, or Third Degree class at any level (with any teacher) and just need a refresher, this class focuses on answering your questions about how to understand and more importantly, how to USE your Reiki. This is hands-on, practical information so you can integrate Reiki into your every day life! (No attunements will be given, nor will the attunement ceremony be taught in this refresher. If you have learned the attunement ceremony and want practice performing that, please contact me and I'll review that with you in a separate class).